TTS engine for the Armenian language designed by @albertgrigoryan

Try it Online

You can try it online it the form below. The processing in this tiny server takes from 20 seconds to one minute.


    TTS Engine for the Armenian language has been sponsored in part by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation


    All common platforms are supported

    Each platform has a separate ArmTTS library developed:
    • iOS Mobile (Swift)
    pod "ArmTTS"
    • Android Mobile (Java)
    implementation "online.armtts:armtts:+"
    • Embedded Devices (C/C++)
    git clone

    Subscription plans

    You can integrate the API to your services and apps with the world's largest API hub, RapidAPI (a FREE plan is also available). All the ML runs on-device and the internet connection is required only for text processing.

    Integration steps:
    1. Install the library developed for your platform 🤖.
    2. Subscribe to one of the available subscription plans.
    3. Update the 'X_RapidAPI_Key' with the key provided by RapidAPI.
    Enjoy! 🥳


    I have series of offline dictionaries for Android and iOS devices called, Bararan, and in each version the pronunciation feature was disabled for the Armenian language. That feature is historically absent in many applications because the available Armenian engines had many pronunciation issues and sound very robotic. So I decided to build one.

    Get in touch

    If you have questions or comments please contact me here: